Child art is an important inspiration, which sets my imagination free, an element which appears to be lacking in adulthood, where everything seems to be over-analysed, structured and precise.


This work highlights my passion for buildings and the memory of place. The nature of my work often depends upon the elements of fantasy and play, combining the two to question the boundaries of what is real and what is not.


Inspired by illegal houses I aim to incorporate in this structure the idea of having something placed somewhere illegally, as well as the fact that it is built from found objects. To the contrary of adulthood, where everything has to be legalised, childhood goes away with the bliss of imagination and carefree thoughts. Therefore as an adult intruder, one needs to bend down and peep through the tiny and delicate door to experience a child’s world inside the little blue house.

The Exterior
Close Up
The Interior


My inspiration for the pop- up house developed from my experience of working with children. Incorporating a child’s spontaneous and unpredictable way of thinking, the structure’s playful distortions, as well as the idea of the pop-up itself, represent the child’s artistic expression. However its scale, its construction as well as its architectural features represent my artistic expression as an adult. Having the large wooden structure resemble a paper pop-up house, but inhibiting the actual folding function, represents the controlled adult. Therefore, my aim is that the viewer interacting with the artwork is taken back to his childhood days.

Close Up
In Day Time
In Night Time Shadows

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