The Pen

pen 2

A film proposal for the English National Opera.

A story inspired by Verdi’s life and narrated through the eyes of Verdi’s very own pen with which he composed his opera La Traviata.

Snippet from the script written by David Chircop:

“I had never seen the maestro so excited about a project before. All we had to do now is just wait…”

“…Periods of distraction are necessary for the creative process you see. Like any functioning mechanism, an overload would only serve to block the ink flow. It’s all free flow. I let him be, I let him think. Sure we spend some time together sometimes. But I would know when he is ready, and I encourage him.

I like his mind when its alive, his fingers twitch, his head sways with the music playing in his head. Its electric.

 And it flows out of him onto the paper like the ink free flowing in short decisive lines. And with each little dip into the well of music living in his mind, the paper longed to absorb and preserve even just a little of that bubbling concoction. It’s a wonder to watch him work, let alone be there.”

“But that one night in Venice, that one man I knew well has left me with enough memories to last…

 “…until one day, someone will find me. I’ won’t tell them who I am, or what I have done. There is no need for that. I’ll just stand there, and let them think the masterpiece that they are writing is actually theirs.

 I don’t care for credit. I have memories to spare…”

Initial ideas, illustrations and story board.

Verdi Office
Verdi’s Office
The pen travelling scene.
Story Board
Story Board

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