Little Yet Big

Spending 1 year away from home made me appreciate the little things that usually go unnoticed, yet make a big difference in my life. I therefore produced a series of illustrations aiming to capture the magic and meaning of these 6 blissful elements in my life.

01. Family
Family- They’re my charger, my support, my priority, my everything.
02. Friendship
Friends- Our differences is what made us get to know ourselves better. Good friendship makes living away from home worthwhile…. Making sure that we’re incredibly nostalgic to our youth life when we’re 80 years old.
03. Malta
Malta- The sense of humour in its language is unique. The sun that sucks out all your energy but keeps you alive in the summer months, the traditional locals sitting at their front porch at 7pm having their daily chat with their pet cat, the church bells, the smell of beautiful, delicious, fresh food, the loud yet warm greetings from your best friends, the relaxed pizza take out nights, the clear beaches and all the randomness that this little island offers are a bunch of beautiful characteristics which make it feel like HOME.
04. Be yourself colour
Being Myself- To look for improvements is essential, but learning to laugh at yourself and being happy with who you are, despite the little red spots on your face, is a step closer to learning how to love yourself, hence letting other people love you.
05. Growing up
Growing Up- Oh well, I cannot say that I’m all grown up in just 1 year…but I guess I do look at life from a different perspective. I’ve learnt to leave my comfort zone and adapt to a new lifestyle, select the good from the bad independently, face different challenges whilst learning how to do things better. And anyways…as long as there is the word “better”… I guess it comes along with growing up…right? 😉
06. Inner Happiness
Inner Happiness- That’s priceless! Enough said!

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